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Deep Root Injection Experts-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of Lake Worth

Most people don’t know that adding artificial fertilizer to a tree goes beyond just the surface application to benefit the shrubs and grass. Your trees may also need to be fertilized at a point in their growth especially when their growth declines. The nutrients are supplied to the root zone of trees through deep root injection process. This is normally done by professionals. Lake Worth Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team have experts who you can trust if you feel that your trees require additional fertilizer.

Trees normally exhibit a few common signs that they lack enough nutrients. But before going to discuss these signs, let us first talk about the cause of nutrient depletion in the soil that is so common in landscaped setups and very rare in nature. Landscaped trees are mainly planted for beauty, and for this beauty to be realized, you need to maintain your yard spotlessly clean. The cleaning process involves raking away the dry leaves that fell from the tree. This is normally done also to encourage the undergrowth consisting of grass and shrubs. This cuts the link of natural nutrient recycling, something that does not happen in nature. In natural forests, the plants shed their leaves which then decay and release back the nutrients into the soil. While you constantly rake away the leaves, know that you are interfering with nature, and so, you will have to make up for it in the near future.

Now, let us go back to our topic about the signs that will show you that your trees are suffering from malnutrition. Just like human beings who suffer from nutrient deficiency when malnourished, trees also have the same fate. Don’t think that trees will reach out for nutrients even if it is not accessible. 

The most common signs are undersized leaves, short growth on the twigs, leaves color changing, and stunted growth which is a long-term effect. You can save your trees from declining by applying appropriate nutrients through root injection.

Why do you need professionals for deep root injection?

There are rules guiding the application of fertilizers to trees that you may not be aware of. Our arborists know all about the trees and the appropriate time for the application of fertilizers. Trees that are stressed by other environmental conditions should not be fertilized as this can further stress the trees to death. Trees that do not require fertilization should not be fertilized. Different tree species have different seasons for fertilizer applications. To know all these as a property owner seems impossible. Applying deep-root fertilization blindly can lead to the opposite effects that were not desired. That is why you need professionals to test out all the conditions and ascertain that deep root injection is necessary for your trees.

Using our services, you are 100% guaranteed for the results. We have professionals with many years of experience in carrying out deep root injection. Call us today to benefit from the services that we offer.

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